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novelleidee's Journal

What A Novel Idea
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a Prose Writing forum...
or more accurately a place to post for critique and to critique work. (wanna be an editor? so do I sometimes)
It is also a place to discuss issues outside of the bare bones of writing, but very crucial to writing. (i.e. copyright laws, publishing, helpful hints about writing)

the rules:
1)Anything goes, as long as it is prose oriented. or connectable to prose. Sorry poets I do not want to have to pour through more... besides almost every other writing community in lj allows poetry.

2)Unless your piece is only 3 paragraphs long Use the lj cut tag. if you don't know it go here. Failure to use the cut tag will result in:
First offense: a warning.
Second offense: temporary suspension for no less than one week and no more than two. three failures to learn and use the lj cut tag will result in banishment to the cold dark world beyond our gates.
So count your Paragraphs carefully... My preferred style is to give three graphs or less as a teaser then do the cut. those who are interested in helping you will read on those who are not won't be grumbling though their friends pages.

3) Fiction that deals with adult themes is allowed. However perfumed_garden might be of more interest to you for that...

4) Constructive criticism Only! that doesn't mean "if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all" it means point out flaws but provide help. if you are simply commenting that you didn't like a piece explain why you don't like it. Help your fellow authors improve themselves.

5)rules may change.

All works copyright their respective authors and all rights are reserved unless noted otherwise.