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1st Post, Touch of the White Lady 
02:35pm 15/03/2004
mood: creative
authors note:
this is a prologue to my novel. ive been hedging on whether to include it or not. it regards a new creation myth for the world. it also establishes the major conflict. what do you think?

Touch of the White Lady

by cybeles_prince

In ages past, the White Lady created all life in the universe. Her presence drifted throughout the cosmos spreading her aura. The Lady of Light would touch a barren, rocky world causing light and life to spread across as well as within the planet. The point at which the Lady graced the surface of the world became a center of magikal energies. The blessed lands they were later named and on Earth this land was Avalon.

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Bits and pieces slowly seeping into the public eye 
09:43pm 22/01/2004
mood: confined
WARNING: The following cut is a section from my second book. (Not that I've finished my first book, but the second one is kinda like backstory to the first; it's all in my head at once and needs to get out.) The second book is very disturbing. This section is very disturbing, or at least it should be. It needs to get out and have opinions. This is a second draft and is much better than the first.

I've cut the scene so that you may pass over it. If you need to ignore it, please do.

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07:18pm 01/10/2003
  Sorry for the cross post.

How many of you are going the freelance route and how many of you are going with the literary agent route? And why? Which do you consider to be the smartest way to go.

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05:48pm 30/09/2003
  So I'm writing a novel. And it falls under the "fiction" category. However, it is strong based on an actual relationship I was in. And the main male character is strongly based on the guy who I was involved with. Its so closely matched that physical traits, emotion traits and the events that happen, all follow who he is and what he did and said during our relationship.

So, my question is, when i get published will someone ask me to have him sign some sort of paper, since I'm writing about him? Because I know in non-fiction, if I was writing a book about my life and I included him in it to a major extent, he would have to sign some sort of waiver.

Anyways, any help would be great!! Thanks!
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12:37am 15/05/2003


We love learning about copyright law.....
Some words.... 
12:01am 25/04/2003
  "You get ideas from daydreaming. You get ideas from being bored. You get ideas all the time. The only difference between writers and other people is we notice when we're doing it.
You get ideas when you ask yourself simple questions. The most important of the questions is just, What if...?
"Another important question is, If only...
"And then there are the others: I wonder...and If This Goes On...and Wouldn't it be interesting if...
"Those questions, and others like them, and the questions they, in their turn, pose... are one of the places ideas come from."
- Neil Gaiman (excerpted) from 'Where do you get your Ideas?'
01:43am 07/04/2003
  I'm looking for a fairly detailed, accurate, source of biographical data on
Niccolo Paganini. (in English) any book website or magazine article that
might be somewhere will be fine, even a timeline would be lovely. Or if you
just happen to know when he got the infamous "Cannon", Please let me know.

I'm trying to write a piece of semi-historical fiction about him/his music.
The arrival of the Cannon into his life is of key importance to the story,
but every little detail I can find (or have handed to me) would, I think,
make the story that much better. I tried googling and found nothing more
than what I'd already had. (Which was sadly not much.)

I have no deadlines to meet so feel free to take your time.
Knock your block off! 
11:04pm 15/03/2003
  Okay here's one I've been pondering.

You're walking down a busy street and you run into your favorite Fictional/Mythical/Biblical character. What Happens?
the still incomplete but very close to done 
11:00pm 15/03/2003
  My biggest labor of love so far.

Part One
Part Two

This is a rougher draft obviously I'm awareof the gramatical errors but I'm interested in how people feel about what I've presented in the story so far.
Okay so I've been really lax in "Knock Your Block Off"'s but I've had trouble with the net lately.. 
10:03pm 03/03/2003
  It is my hope to start posting those again. I also hope for increased membership buuuuuttt......

Anyways... this post is to share some books I've been reading,

First up, Neil Gaiman American Gods is an amazing piece of fiction. Basic premise is, what if all the old gods were real, and as people came to america they came with and live in an interesting blend of reality and sub reality. Taking place all over the United States of America, but heavily in the upper midwest, Gaiman takes the reader on an incredible journey to many of the often shunned but classic landmarks of america, including but not limited to, House on the Rock, captured in amazing and accurate detail. It's pretty thick but it reads fast.

next book is one that I'm just making people aware of, there's really only a specific group of people that I'd recommend they rush out and buy it. Irvine Welsh The Acid House (and for a little bit of reference he's the one who wrote Trainspotting) a collection of the author's short stories, dealing with sex, drugs, crime, being european, and other weirdness. One of the most interesting things I've found about the stories is that the dialogue is written in the voice and dialect of the characters, (Primarily Scottish citizenry in and out of the UK.) the narratives are written in excellent english. I've heard from some people who've read welsh that it is difficult to read in those very scotch passages, But I found I have had no real difficulty so far.
Maybe I can try to do these a little more frequently.... 
11:17pm 17/01/2003
  But since I lately have been obsessed with getting material together for a writing Group I have thought of a brilliant (Well I think it's brilliant) Jumpstart for a Short story.
So here it is...

Knock Your Block Off #3

Whom amongst all the authors of the world (living or dead) would you select to be in a writing group exchanging unpublished work for review and "peer" suggestions? Write a story about one of your meetings.
10:37pm 10/01/2003
  I was barely twenty years old and I was bored with my life; don’t worry kids not suicidally bored, just, bored. I was attending college like a good normal American who can barely afford it, living in my parents basement like it was an apartment, my Tomb, hoping desperately for the day when my writing would be spotted by some author or publisher and I’d become a millionaire and die surrounded by goregeous young men in a villa just outside of Paris; everyone in the world would be clamouring to attend my funeral. Future hopeful authors would read my grave stone in awe “Here lies Nella Anaid, Philosopher and Mistress of Prose, aged one hundred and twenty years, she died with a smile on her face and a congac in hand.”
And none of that was going to happen with me sitting in a basment in Mankato. I sat in my tomb one afternoon and stared at what my life was. In the last ten years since I had decided I was going to be a writer I had been on a quest for every book ever written in english on the art of writing. I had stacks taller than me of books such as John Gardner’s The Art of Fiction I had three different editions of MLA and APA handbooks, I had four different books with the title of revision. On shelves I kept boxes of almost every “Writers Digest” for the last ten years, Every volume of the local area literary magazines for my whole life, I had piles of blank books that had maybe all of five pages written in them, my plan having been to dedicate each of the blank books to one of my novels.
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Well so much for these being a daily thing.... 
10:26pm 10/12/2002

Knock your Block off #2

What is your favorite quote? Write a story to explain why it is your favorite quote.
Knock Your Block Off! 
10:33pm 01/12/2002
mood: amused
a new daily feature here on novelleidee

Knock Your Block Off is going to be something like a writing assignment. If you want to write but can't think of anything feel free to check here and go with it. if you like when you're done with the piece feel free to post it as a seperate entry here at novelleidee.

Of course you are welcome to use these as inspiration for poetry, but as this forum is dedicated to Prose we ask that you not post it here.

Knock Your Block Off #1

What is your dream writing environment? what equipment do you have with you? What does it look/smell/sound/taste like? are you there alone? why is this your dream writing environment?

so go to it.
Am I such a Geek.... 
09:54pm 21/11/2002
  That I think LJ needs a [Current Book:] ?
I mean think about it...so what if you're reading a friend Whom you met through a site about a certain movie based on a book by Bret Easton Ellis (Hold on kiddies there'll be another reference to him later on) Might you not think Hmmm I'd enjoy that maybe too...

Anyways that little ramble leads up to this, A book Report of Sorts:
Treks Not Taken, a Collection of short stories written in the style of various western authors.
The intended point of this book is that these were Lost story ideas that had gotten pitched during the years of ST: TNG. There is impressive mimickery of the style of Anthony Burgess ("A Clockwork Data"), Kurt Vonnegut, Joseph Heller ("Trek-22"), James Joyce, J.D. Salinger ("A Crusher in the Rye"), Tom Clancy, Michael Chriton, Anne Rice ("The Vampire LaForge" which is a Brilliant parody of IWTV and even manages to poke fun at some of Anne's little quirks) and Bret Easton Ellis ("Less than Data")

The two that most impressed me Were the Burgess, and the Rice. The following excerpt is from "A Clockwork Data":

"Make it so, then, eh?"
There was me, that is Pickhard, and my three crew, that is Wort, Georgie, and Datum (Datum being really datum), and we sat in the Enterprise Ten-Forward making up our rassoodocks what to do with the episode, a rank flip Fall Sweeps bastard though wry. The Ten-Forward Served Moloko Plus. That is, it served Molokos plus Klingons plus humans-in short, O my viewers, the Ten-Forward served anyone. You could peet it with synthehol or chase it with schnapps which would give you a nice quiet horrorshow fifteen minutes admiring the Big Window and All Its Hurtling Stars with lights bursting all over your sensors so that none of your words made sense at all any more.

and now "The Vampire Le Forge"
"I can't see..." said the engineer thoughtfully, and slowly he walked across the engine room toward the bow. For a long time he stood there against the hurtling lights and the passing specks of matter. "Not the way you think of seeing, anyway," he said at last. "For me the spectrum includes lush infrareds and prose-purple ultraviolets. I see residual heat and I see..." He stopped for a moment, then turned and looked at the young man with a private smile.
"Energy," he finished.
He gestured with an elegant hand at the tricorder on the table. "Is that on?" he asked. "I want to tell my whole story..."

To me this is one of the best forms of Literature analysis, to see what it is that makes a writers book an obvious book of that writer. and then this also adds the element that it also doesn't take some of these literary gods too seriously. I picked up my copy of this book at Half Price for five bucks.

Published in 1998 it is called. Treks Not Taken; a Parody by Steven R. Boyett.

a book I throughly recommend.
a book recomendation 
11:33pm 09/11/2002
  I'm reading Terry Prachett's Thief of Time (Blame vasilissa I keep reading his name on her user info and when I was looking for a list of Authors for a community she offered up his)
and it is fucking Hilarious....Not only does it respectfully poke fun at some of the more extreme sects of a practice very similar to buddism it's brilliant. Between Igor'th lithp and Death's horse Named Binky...It's a riot.
I love any book that can go very low brow and Very high brow (humor wise at the same time)
a couple of my favorite passages so far:
"The class had built a full-size white horse out of cardboard boxes, during which time they'd learned a lot about horses and Susan learned about Jason's remarkably accurate powers of observation. She'd had to take the cardboard tube away from him and explain that this was a polite horse."
"In the Second Scroll of Wen the Eternally Surprised, a story is written concerning one day when the apprentice Clodpool, in a rebellious mood approached Wen and spoke thusly:
'Master, what is the difference between a humanistic, monastic system of belief in which wisdom in sought by means of an apparently nonsensical system of questions and answers, and a lot of mystic gibberish made up on the spur of the moment?'
Wen considered this for some time, and at last said: 'A fish!'
and Clodpool went away, satisfied."
Since it seems Novelle is going to be my original concept that it was too be... 
12:01am 06/11/2002
mood: apathetic
Which was as a specific writing journal to me...I'm going to treat it as such Until I get some memberships....
A New piece...look for it in installments....


© 2002 Diana Lee Fitzwater all rights reserved

My grandfather was always fond of reading, to people during a winter camping trip, Jack London’s “To Build a Fire.” I remember his voice reading it so clearly as I toss the match to my bonfire. I’m burning thirty years of my life, Thirty years that were spent in dark rooms alone, Imagining what life with others was like.
I’ve soaked Five thousand Pages of text, thirty floppy discs and Two cd roms of material with as much kerosene as I had in my cabin. I’ve marched out to the widest medow I can reach so that I destroy only this, like Viktor chasing his creation to the pole, I am determined that he’ll never surface again.
The paper will burn quickly, then the discs will melt, all that will be left probably are some staples and the few metal parts. not enough for him to sneak back.
12:53am 24/10/2002
  Significant changes in this draft...
Doubled the length almost, Developed characters more.

Still needs work but looking for critique
Fire in the Valley (Draft B) By Diana Lee FitzwaterCollapse )
A handy tip for managing Characters... 
11:44pm 23/10/2002
  Sometimes when working on pieces involving many characters and perhaps large amounts of time you can sometimes get confused about who you're writing.

So creating a little mini Bio of your character can help.
the below is the example of the ones I use.

Which are based off of a suggested one from Writers Digest and modified to what I most often am concerned about.

So there you have it a tip to help you improve character development. Remember just because you write it on this sheet you don't have to incorperate it into the story, andremember you can always go back and add or subract things or Change things. God Knows I do....
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For Giz.....*giggles and snorts* 
10:30pm 20/10/2002
  a response to This

The lithe alabaster and crimson beauty lounged on the sofa in her favorite library indulging in some mortal literature. looking up only briefly from the pages as her attendants brought her tea that she'd requested. And though she and her king were once more happily under oneroof her thoughts were on another; the englishman with the french name.

Even if she had the first clue of where to find him...
well she had a clue but dare not think it here in her husbands house.
Besides her on again off again beloved Oberon it was rare to find a man who could tower over her, and it made him instantly attractive. Not to mention it was difficult to find such a well dressed mortal. as she tried to focus her shimmering eyes on the pages the chocolate of his, haunted her. She heard the velvet of his voice in her ear reciting the words on the page before her.
She slammed the book shut and stood up smoothing the red wool of her skirt, straightening the matching jacket with a few gentle tugs. Though a work of modern tailor her suit mimicked the lines of victorian america. Attendants appeared assuming their lady needed something. voices cooing they took over smoothing her suit and fixing her hair, within moments her hair that had been coiled in a romanesque bun now flowed down her back to the floor in sanguine rivulets. as her attendants finished their imagined duty she longed for his fingers, almost as pale as her own, to use that hair to steer her head to his pleasure. with a wave of her own lean hand she sent her grooms away,and stepped out in to the garden.

Her fingers caress one of Oberon's prized roses, and remembers how deceptively soft his lips were, but there was a definete power, a force in them as well. If anything she missed from youthful days with Oberon were the kisses they once shared.
torturous memory was driven from her mind as she saw oberon appear, bearing a ruby the size of a human eye. "My love, My lady." he wispered giving her a chaste kiss. And with a sigh she submitted to the embrace of her king.