1st Post, Touch of the White Lady

authors note:
this is a prologue to my novel. ive been hedging on whether to include it or not. it regards a new creation myth for the world. it also establishes the major conflict. what do you think?

Touch of the White Lady

by cybeles_prince

In ages past, the White Lady created all life in the universe. Her presence drifted throughout the cosmos spreading her aura. The Lady of Light would touch a barren, rocky world causing light and life to spread across as well as within the planet. The point at which the Lady graced the surface of the world became a center of magikal energies. The blessed lands they were later named and on Earth this land was Avalon.

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Bits and pieces slowly seeping into the public eye

WARNING: The following cut is a section from my second book. (Not that I've finished my first book, but the second one is kinda like backstory to the first; it's all in my head at once and needs to get out.) The second book is very disturbing. This section is very disturbing, or at least it should be. It needs to get out and have opinions. This is a second draft and is much better than the first.

I've cut the scene so that you may pass over it. If you need to ignore it, please do.

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Sorry for the cross post.

How many of you are going the freelance route and how many of you are going with the literary agent route? And why? Which do you consider to be the smartest way to go.


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So I'm writing a novel. And it falls under the "fiction" category. However, it is strong based on an actual relationship I was in. And the main male character is strongly based on the guy who I was involved with. Its so closely matched that physical traits, emotion traits and the events that happen, all follow who he is and what he did and said during our relationship.

So, my question is, when i get published will someone ask me to have him sign some sort of paper, since I'm writing about him? Because I know in non-fiction, if I was writing a book about my life and I included him in it to a major extent, he would have to sign some sort of waiver.

Anyways, any help would be great!! Thanks!

Some words....

"You get ideas from daydreaming. You get ideas from being bored. You get ideas all the time. The only difference between writers and other people is we notice when we're doing it.
You get ideas when you ask yourself simple questions. The most important of the questions is just, What if...?
"Another important question is, If only...
"And then there are the others: I wonder...and If This Goes On...and Wouldn't it be interesting if...
"Those questions, and others like them, and the questions they, in their turn, pose... are one of the places ideas come from."
- Neil Gaiman (excerpted) from 'Where do you get your Ideas?'

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I'm looking for a fairly detailed, accurate, source of biographical data on
Niccolo Paganini. (in English) any book website or magazine article that
might be somewhere will be fine, even a timeline would be lovely. Or if you
just happen to know when he got the infamous "Cannon", Please let me know.

I'm trying to write a piece of semi-historical fiction about him/his music.
The arrival of the Cannon into his life is of key importance to the story,
but every little detail I can find (or have handed to me) would, I think,
make the story that much better. I tried googling and found nothing more
than what I'd already had. (Which was sadly not much.)

I have no deadlines to meet so feel free to take your time.

Okay so I've been really lax in "Knock Your Block Off"'s but I've had trouble with the net lately..

It is my hope to start posting those again. I also hope for increased membership buuuuuttt......

Anyways... this post is to share some books I've been reading,

First up, Neil Gaiman American Gods is an amazing piece of fiction. Basic premise is, what if all the old gods were real, and as people came to america they came with and live in an interesting blend of reality and sub reality. Taking place all over the United States of America, but heavily in the upper midwest, Gaiman takes the reader on an incredible journey to many of the often shunned but classic landmarks of america, including but not limited to, House on the Rock, captured in amazing and accurate detail. It's pretty thick but it reads fast.

next book is one that I'm just making people aware of, there's really only a specific group of people that I'd recommend they rush out and buy it. Irvine Welsh The Acid House (and for a little bit of reference he's the one who wrote Trainspotting) a collection of the author's short stories, dealing with sex, drugs, crime, being european, and other weirdness. One of the most interesting things I've found about the stories is that the dialogue is written in the voice and dialect of the characters, (Primarily Scottish citizenry in and out of the UK.) the narratives are written in excellent english. I've heard from some people who've read welsh that it is difficult to read in those very scotch passages, But I found I have had no real difficulty so far.