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1st Post, Touch of the White Lady

authors note:
this is a prologue to my novel. ive been hedging on whether to include it or not. it regards a new creation myth for the world. it also establishes the major conflict. what do you think?

Touch of the White Lady

by cybeles_prince

In ages past, the White Lady created all life in the universe. Her presence drifted throughout the cosmos spreading her aura. The Lady of Light would touch a barren, rocky world causing light and life to spread across as well as within the planet. The point at which the Lady graced the surface of the world became a center of magikal energies. The blessed lands they were later named and on Earth this land was Avalon.

The White Lady's touch, which seemed to her a passing brush, in fact encompassed eons of time on the planet graced. Her life force flowed from finger, influencing and creating all that lives and is. Random these creations were not, for the Lady of Light had within her a master plan for the universe.

On the Earth she brought forth beings to shine her radiance on others (the elves), beings to guide and protect her creations (the dragons), beings to tend the earth and plow the fields (men), beings to shape the mountains and move the stones (the dwarves), beings to protect and tend the grassland meadows (gnomes), beings to guard the darkness and walk at night (ogres), beings at one with the springs and streams of the world (nymphs), beings to protect and commune with the animals (the sentars), beings as light and beautiful as the flowers they raise and nurture (the fairies), beings to keep the secrets unseen (the shadows), and beings to love and dwell in the forests (dryads). For a time these races lived and flourished in the realm of the Earth.

As the touch of the White Lady passed, the power of the Dark One Ever Following descended upon the realm. His hatred for the life he found was immeasurable. In his lust for destruction, he poured all his knowledge, his hatred, his evil, and a good portion of his spirit into a cursed book which he hid within this new planet. The influence of the book began to corrupt all life, not only on this small planet but all across the stars. Then, like a cloud in the breeze, the Dark One left the blue orb, but never did his thoughts stray far from his hatred of the realm of the Earth. For through the book he focused his dark energies.

For many ages the book lay waiting in a dark corner of the world. It waited for someone to open it, to gain its forbidden knowledge. Through the corruption of others, the Dark One could destroy all the White Lady had created. As the Dark Lord waited, the Lady of Light spread her aura throughout the universe and in secrecy she too crafted a powerful book, one to defeat the Dark One. This book she hid on a planet far from the Earth. There it waits for the Warrior of Destiny to wield its power and drive evil from existence…..
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