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Okay so I've been really lax in "Knock Your Block Off"'s but I've had trouble with the net lately..

It is my hope to start posting those again. I also hope for increased membership buuuuuttt......

Anyways... this post is to share some books I've been reading,

First up, Neil Gaiman American Gods is an amazing piece of fiction. Basic premise is, what if all the old gods were real, and as people came to america they came with and live in an interesting blend of reality and sub reality. Taking place all over the United States of America, but heavily in the upper midwest, Gaiman takes the reader on an incredible journey to many of the often shunned but classic landmarks of america, including but not limited to, House on the Rock, captured in amazing and accurate detail. It's pretty thick but it reads fast.

next book is one that I'm just making people aware of, there's really only a specific group of people that I'd recommend they rush out and buy it. Irvine Welsh The Acid House (and for a little bit of reference he's the one who wrote Trainspotting) a collection of the author's short stories, dealing with sex, drugs, crime, being european, and other weirdness. One of the most interesting things I've found about the stories is that the dialogue is written in the voice and dialect of the characters, (Primarily Scottish citizenry in and out of the UK.) the narratives are written in excellent english. I've heard from some people who've read welsh that it is difficult to read in those very scotch passages, But I found I have had no real difficulty so far.
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